Monday, February 11, 2019

Update, Update: Read All About It!

How is the fall semester already almost over? I swear it was just August yesterday.

So far, the first couple months of 2L have gone as expected: lots of coffee, not enough time. My time has been mostly dedicated to the Byrne Trial Team and staying on top of my classes, but I have also had time to attend a few bar reviews. In comparison to this time last year, I am feeling much better!

My typical day as a 2L is both similar to and different from my typical day as a 1L. I still have class everyday (except Friday), but this year I was able to choose my own classes, and that means I was able to choose my start time. As a self-professed non-morning person, I was able to make certain that none of my classes start before 1 PM (in comparison to having 8 AMs everyday last year). It has made my life significantly more enjoyable. I still study and have tons of reading to complete, but now I am able to complete it at night and sleep in a little bit more the next day.

Although law school is a lot of work, I have found that it is easier to balance if you do not attempt to deprive yourself. If you want to watch some Netflix, watch some Netflix. If you want to go out of town for the weekend, go out of town. You always know what work you are responsible for that week (law school syllabi are pretty clear), so just get it done a little bit earlier and you will have more than enough time to have a life as well. Unless it is finals time (those are hard, don’t mess around with them)!

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