Friday, February 1, 2019

My Summer Before Starting the LLM Program

In fact, my summer break was not a break at all – I had the Summer Institute Program for three weeks before classes started. Yes, I am an LLM student, so that is my very first time living the experience of a law student in the US. On my first day of Summer Institute, I was so nervous.  Luckily, soon I felt so secure and supported by all the faculty of Loyola Law School. During the 3 weeks, we had classes about Introduction to American Law, Legal Writing and even about outlining – because none of us knew what an outline was before. At Loyola, each class is inspiring in a different way and that is why I wish I could take all the classes Loyola offers.  There are so many interesting subjects. 

After I finished Summer Institute, I knew how the next months were going to be – a lot of reading, assignments and studying, but on the other hand, I knew it would be with a great and supportive faculty. Although all of us, LLM students, already have a degree in law in our countries, the feeling we have is that everything is starting over again.  Since here in the US, the system is different than what we were used to, it makes us more excited about what is to come!

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