Friday, February 8, 2019

My Summer Before 1L Year

For me, this summer was filled with a mixture of anticipation and worry. I have been looking forward to starting law school for a year now, but I never expected the application process to be as overwhelming as it was. Between the LSAT, applications, and waiting, I had a lot on my plate. Eventually, I got the news that I had been hoping for and the waiting and worry of the past few months suddenly seemed worthwhile.

Aviation is my passion – for me, flight is freedom and gaining a pilot’s license is a priority that is only somewhat less pressing than successfully completing law school. I spent the few free days that I had sandwiched between worrying and trying to get everything ready soaring aloft and free. Those days are over for awhile, but I believe that an experience that is even better is beginning. The first few weeks of law school have been both challenging and exciting, and I look forward to what awaits. I believe that the education I receive at Loyola will help equip me for what lies ahead.

As things stand now, it seems like some level of knowledge about the legal system is required to understand the news at all. The headlines are dominated by stories on issues on which we focus squarely in class – including police practices, a Department of Justice living in tension with the White House, adherence to international treaty obligations, and more. My education is not only helping me to understand the news, it is helping prepare me to take part in it some day.

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