Wednesday, February 6, 2019

My Summer Before 1L Year

I hadn’t spent a summer at home in four years. Home for me is Arlington Heights, Illinois, which is in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. I went to undergrad at Saint Louis University in Missouri, where I played on the Division I Woman’s Basketball team. As a woman’s basketball player, I was required to spend my summers at school, working out with the team and taking summer school classes.

I pretty much took this summer off. Yes, I read a book on what to expect going into my first year of law school, but besides that I tried to pack in just about everything I was unable to do during my summers in Missouri.

I learned how to bake Traditional Swedish coffee cake with my second cousin twice removed. I spent time with all my relatives and I went to 6 different Greek Islands. I did yoga every single day of the week to juxtapose my tight muscles from basketball training. I spent countless days acting like a tourist in my own city of Chicago. I coached a youth travel basketball team and I forced my poor father to drink green smoothies with me for two weeks straight (he was a good sport about it but hated it nonetheless). It was the best and most bitter sweet summer of my life thus far, knowing I was going to have to leave again soon.

I thought I would be in tears as I boarded the airplane that would take me from Chicago to L.A, but instead I felt a sense of renewal. Being home gave me a much-needed detox and by the time summer ended, I was beyond excited to start my new challenge at Loyola Law.

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