Thursday, February 28, 2019

My 2L Winter Break

Winter break is usually a really slow time for me. During the school year, law students rarely get time to sit and do nothing without the guilt that comes along with knowing that your work is never truly done. With that in mind, I try to take advantage of time to be unproductive without feeling guilty. I left school in December feeling good, but unsure about my exams. To be honest, in law school you really just have no idea sometimes how it’s all going to turn out. Needless to say, it’s an unsettling feeling, so I always try to use my break to get my mind off of it. I didn’t do much of anything related to the law and instead chose to spend time with friends and family and catch up on some new shows!

At first, it felt like the break wasn’t going to be enough time to recover from exams. Spending so much time studying and running on (lots of caffeine and sugar) adrenaline usually leaves me feeling sluggish for at least a week afterward. After a couple of weeks, though, I definitely started to get over it. I wanted to be back in school! Sometimes you get used to moving so fast that slowing down just seems boring and bored I certainly was. However, I was really happy with my grades and even saw some improvement from my first year of school which gave me the motivation to hit the ground running just before the first week of classes. I’m hoping I can carry this momentum with me through the semester!

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