Wednesday, February 27, 2019

My 1L Winter Break

Finals, Holidays and the hope of the new semester

So, finals happened. As I sit and reflect on the last month and a half of my life, the experience of finals seems an unreal, far-away memory. Results aside, exams were quite an experience. While for the most part I ran on pure and unadulterated fear, it was nice to know much I could cram into my head in 72-hour periods. As nerve-racking and anxiety-inducing as finals were, I appreciate how much closer it brought me to my law school friends. There is something about a semi-traumatic experience that brings you close to those around you.

The period following the completion of finals is also a bit of a blur. When I was studying for finals, usually around the eight or ninth hour, I fantasized about all the leisurely activities I would do during the break. I did not accomplish many of them. I underestimated how tired I was going to be and how many other obligations piled up during finals. I did however manage to catch up on sleep, cook and more importantly spend time with my loved ones. Since no one in my family is involved in any legal work, the only talk there was about law school was when I would bring it up. In the occasions I did bring it up, it was nice being able to relate the abstract concepts I learned to the realities that impact my family. It was a nice breath of fresh air before coming back to school.

As much as I enjoyed the break and playing with my chihuahuas, it is now time to turn the page on the chapter that was 2018 and welcome the challenges of 2019. I think it’s going to be fine.

Photo caption: Taquito and Tila, basking in the joy of the Southern California winter sun in style.