Friday, February 15, 2019

Fall Update

The fall semester of my second year of law school is definitely dramatically different from my other semesters. For one, I’ve consolidated all of my classes onto two days so that I can free up some time to work and have more flexibility in my schedule. I usually end up on campus at least 3 days each week, but it’s definitely nice to have the option to only be here two days on weeks when I’m busy!

I’ve also made it a point to spend less time stressing and more time doing. This has freed up a lot of time for me to pursue other things — like actually reading for fun! I read at least 30 minutes each night during the week of a book of my choosing. During my first year of law school, I accumulated a long list of books I wanted to read but felt I didn’t have the time to. With proper time management and less self-induced stress, I’ve been able to chip away at that list which is actually pretty cool! This is just one of the many ways I’ve found greater balance in law school. Another way I find balance is by exercising. I workout everyday and also go on walks outside throughout the day to clear my mind. With these tools, I’ve had a great fall semester thus far.

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