Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Fall Semester Update

Fall semester is ending and the craziest thing is that sometimes I felt that the time was not passing at all, but now looking back I have the feeling that the semester just flew! It seems like yesterday that I was walking – so afraid – to the first day of orientation.

Although I had been to law school before, in my country, here I felt I was starting all over again - and I really was. But during those three months, I relived many feelings that I had during my law school in Brazil: fear of failing the tests, anxiety waiting for the notes, tiredness after reading countless pages, feeling sleepy all the time because you do not even remember how many hours you are sleeping a day…. But now, at the end of the semester, I'm also reliving the feelings of: relief because I have gotten here, and gratitude for all the opportunities that Loyola allowed me to live during this semester.

Despite the obstacles that appear along the way from time to time, I can say that there is nothing that I did not like about law school, because even the difficulties teach us something, and we can grow from that. And what I liked the most was, without a doubt, the fact that I feel at home in Loyola – and this feeling is not easy to find, but when we find it, it's the best thing to feel.

I believe that my biggest challenge so far has been to organize my time so that I can do everything I have to do. This is a difficulty that I always had and here I realized that it was time to finally overcome it, so I took the time to write down everything I needed to do and from that I set up a schedule, and I forced myself every day to comply with it.

At the end of the day, you realize that without willpower, nothing gets off the ground and comes true, and that's something I always keep in mind to stay strong on this long road that is law school.

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