Monday, February 18, 2019

Fall Semester Update

Time flies when you’re having fun, right? While law school isn’t the particular kind of “fun” that most people are referring to, it’s hard to believe it’s been more than three months since the beginning of Fall semester.

Transferring to a new school, I didn’t really know what to expect. I considered myself a friendly and outgoing person and was confident that I’d acclimate in no time. While I have slowly been able to immerse myself into everything Loyola has to offer over the past few months, I definitely was forced to step out of my comfort zone. Looking back, my experiences this past semester have closely resembled 1L life in quite a few ways: meeting people, getting to know the campus, and learning how things are done at a new school. Thankfully, however, some things about law school are the same wherever you go.

While law school curricula doesn’t seem to vary all that much, one of the most interesting things that I immediately noticed about Loyola was the enormous amount of extracurricular and experiential opportunities. From clinics to law reviews, there seems to be something for everyone. In fact, there were so many more choices it was hard for me to pick just a few. I ultimately settled on DSBA and Law Review, but plan on exploring other opportunities in upcoming semesters.

That leads me to my next point: Loyola’s committed alumni network and the job opportunities that come with that network. Even though I did not plan on working my first semester at a new school, it was hard to resist checking the Symplicity job board every few days. Eventually I got a great opportunity to work at a small firm in Hollywood and decided to take the position. I have been able to gain tons of experience and put my in-class learning to good use. Without the connections that Loyola has created within the community, I would have never been able to get my current job.

I hope everyone has had as great a first semester at I did here at Loyola. Good luck with finals and I’ll see you all in the Spring!

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