Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Debunk A Law School Myth

Being an LLM student is challenging and exciting at the same time because I have never studied in a foreign country before. Since day one of law school, everything is absolutely new and different for me! Especially because I am from a foreign country, I have heard a lot of stories about going to law school in the United States and one story I heard repeatedly is that you do not have friends in law school because everybody is so competitive. I also have heard that everybody goes to class dressed up in business attire. Well, none of these stories are entirely true – at least from what I have seen. Law school is naturally a competitive place, but I feel that Loyola Law School has the friendliest competitive environment of all. In my experience, I have classes with different sections and even with evening students, so I get to meet and study with every kind of law student, and until now all of them were nice and friendly to me, offering help with anything that I need. I think that is so important because having a good environment makes everything easy and we feel that we are not alone in this path that is law school. My biggest fear as an international student was to feel alone and to feel that I did not know what was going on, but I never felt that way at Loyola – and this has to do not only with the students, but also all the staff and professors (everybody is just SO nice!)

And about the dress code, well, no, it is definitely a myth that people go to law school dressed up in business attire. There are some people who dress in business attire and others who do not. It is school, just dress however you feel comfortable! There are people with all kind of styles, which shows how diverse Loyola is. This is definitely one of the things that I love the most about Loyola. It is good and important to see that our campus is a place that the students feel comfortable to be who they truly are.

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