Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Introduction: Breanna Khorrami

Hope everyone had a great summer! For those that don’t yet know who I am, my name is Breanna Khorrami. I’m a second-year evening student… which has certainly proven to be a very different experience than my first year!

For one, I’m involved in a few groups on campus this year. In your second year, you’re able to serve on the board for different organizations and I chose to dive right in with the Public Interest Law Foundation, ACLU, and Women’s Law Association. It’s a lot of work, but definitely an awesome way to get involved and meet people on campus that I might not otherwise see in my evening classes.

My second year of school is also, oddly enough, a lot more demanding than my first year. I was always told that the first year of law school was the most difficult, but I don’t think that’s quite the case with me. I’m continuing to work about 30 hours each week as a tutor for high school and college students, many of which have learning disabilities. It’s great, flexible work, but on top of my group affiliations and class work, it’s proving to be a real difficult test of my ability to manage my time efficiently. It’s taken me some time to adjust, but I’m slowly, but surely getting into a rhythm. Maybe I’ll have it down by… spring semester… but the law student’s schedule is an ever-changing beast that I don’t know I’ll ever fully tame.