Friday, March 30, 2018

Summer Is Coming -- Isn't That Supposed to Be A Good Thing?

If you are anything at all like me, you have probably experienced the stress fest that I like to refer to as making summer plans. There are so many thoughts that run through my head — Should I study abroad or take summer classes? Should I apply to be a research assistant or try to get an externship? If I want an externship, where should I apply and should I aim for unpaid or paid? There are so many things to consider and it can be very overwhelming. I would try and tell you the “key” to not letting yourself get too stressed out about it, but I have not actually figured out how to do that quite yet. The only advice that I can offer you right now is that even if the thing you initially wanted to do this summer does not work out, that does NOT mean that you don’t have options. You could always do your pro-bono hours, apply to smaller firms, or look at some of the many other opportunities available.

My plans involve studying abroad for part of the summer and then interning for the remainder of the summer. What is currently terrifying me is the fact that this summer is the last one before my 3L year of law school. It is all coming to an end and this means that next summer, I will not be stressing about summer planning…No sir…Instead, I will be stressing over passing the bar exam and figuring out post-graduation career prospects. Even with that being said, I love it. I love knowing that by this time next year, I will be gearing up to take the most important exam of my life….the exam that will finally allow me to be a licensed attorney. Until then, I plan to make the most out of this summer and you should keep the door open for any opportunities that come your way.

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