Monday, March 19, 2018

My Future Externship

I recently accepted a position for this upcoming summer and it has encouraged me to start thinking about the future. Currently, I know what courses I have to take to receive my J.D., but now I have started exploring what classes I want to take and what experiences I want to have before I graduate. One experience that I was unaware of until recently—and that I now know I desperately want to have—is the Hobbs/Poehls District Attorney Practicum.

The Hobbs/Poehls Practicum is a year-long experience that starts with one semester of Trial Advocacy, and then a second semester working in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office as a certified law clerk. You have the opportunity to conduct actual felony preliminary hearings, misdemeanor jury trials and juvenile adjudications YOURSELF, as a law student. Real trial experience on a real case: I had literally never heard of something so appealing.

The trial advocacy course before the externship prepares you for the experience so that you can actually win your motion. You earn units during both semesters and you come out with an experience that is hard to find anywhere else. Although this practicum is extremely competitive, I have set a goal to be a participant (though I need to take Evidence first). I was already interested in Trial Advocacy, but combined with an externship at the DA’s office: it is almost too good to be true.

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