Friday, March 23, 2018

Involvement in Student Government as a First Year Evening Student Bar Association Representative

Being involved in the Evening Student Bar Association (ESBA) has been one of the most interesting aspects of my law school experience thus far. Before starting law school, I didn’t even know what the Student Bar Association was – let alone the fact that Loyola has one for day students and another for evening students. I got involved with the ESBA after the current president came to speak to my class for us to decide who would be the 1E class representatives. I volunteered to give a speech about why I would be a good candidate, knowing that many of my peers would not have the time to take on another commitment, however minimal. After a few of us gave speeches, the class cast their votes and I managed to get the position, along with another one of my classmates.

There isn’t too much of a commitment to be a part of the ESBA, but it has provided me with the opportunity to get to know other students and also help my class in ways that I couldn’t before. My primary responsibility as a class rep is to advocate for my class to faculty and administration. I like that my classmates feel comfortable coming to me with their problems and I feel strongly about helping them solve them! Additionally, I feel like this role is especially important with evening students because we have unique needs that aren’t necessarily always at the forefront of the minds of our professors or those in administrative offices. In my position, I can bring our issues to their attention and see that they are resolved.

Class reps are also responsible for doing fun things for our class. This year, the other rep and I have organized a few events to bring our class together – like a study session and pizza between classes. It’s nice to facilitate that kind of camaraderie among our class because many of us might otherwise just come and go at school since we’re so busy.

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