Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I Love Loyola

For me, there is a lot to love about Loyola. It’s a place where your individual hopes and passions can shine through. There’s no one way to be a successful student here. Some students focus heavily on academics and their pursuits are honored by the guiding hands of the faculty and programming offered by the school. Other students focus on the human connections they make while in school. Those students are treated to social events, networking opportunities, and too many clubs and societies to mention.

Another thing that I love about Loyola is the holistic nature of the campus which is singularly focused on helping students succeed. Not only is the faculty there to guide and challenge students’ legal minds, but the staff is also an incredible resource for students. As a Loyolan, you have ready access to a wide variety of legal professionals in the form of librarians, career counselors, advisors who can help you on nearly a moment’s notice. Beyond that, the support staff and administrators serve the students in numerous ways that you didn’t know you needed. Overall, Loyola is comprised of a lot of different parts that all seem powered by the same engine. There is a great sense of community and common purpose at Loyola, but any number of ways to achieve your law school goals.

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