Monday, February 5, 2018

I am SO Pro Pro Bono

I decided to attend law school for several reasons, but one of the main reasons was to help people in the future. There are only so many jobs in the world that allow a person to do work that they love while simultaneously helping other people.

While evaluating different law schools, Loyola stood out to me in this regard. They did not just talk the social justice talk, they walked the walk as well. As students, we are required to complete 40 hours of pro bono legal work before our 3L spring semester. You can work in one of the Loyola clinics serving the Los Angeles community, or secure a field placement with a public interest organization.

The clinics stood out to me from the beginning, specifically Loyola’s Project for the Innocent clinic. Not only has the clinic been incredibly successful—three exonerations in the last year—but it fully encompasses the ideal work of an attorney. Attorneys working to not only help others, but to help others who have been wronged in possibly the worst way by our legal system. No one should ever be convicted of something they have not done, but the opposite is the undeniable reality of our legal system. The Project for the Innocent helps right these wrongs, and I want to be one of the students at Loyola who helps in any way I can.

As a 1L, I have not had the opportunity to work in one of the clinics, but I know for a fact that I will be applying during my 2L and 3L years. Even if I am unable to work with the Project for the Innocent, I will work with one of the MANY other clinics, which range from Consumer Bankruptcy to Fashion Law. Nothing beats learning on your feet, and nothing beats helping someone in need when you have the resources.

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