Monday, February 19, 2018

Faculty Help

Something that has surprised me about law school is the behavior of the faculty. While my professors in undergrad had office hours and would respond to emails, I never felt that they were truly accessible. But here, my professors have gone above and beyond to offer guidance and access.

My professors have given out their personal cell phone numbers in case of an emergency question, responded to emails within the hour, offered to help find summer jobs, and are always available for appointments and office hours. Not one of them has ever made me feel like one of my questions was unintelligent, or that I was wasting their time.

While I do not currently have a mentor professor, I know that I will not have any trouble finding one. Everyone is so helpful and I know that all I have to do is ask to receive any guidance that I could possibly need. I appreciate the fact that not only am I learning from professors and professionals that I respect, but also people that I respect. Their kindness is admirable and they all have great senses of humor, which makes lectures far more interesting. Having such awesome people to learn from is something that I will not ever take for granted again! It makes all the difference in not only understanding the material, but also enjoying the material.

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