Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Building Relationships With Faculty

In the context of clinical work, my clinical professors seem to occupy dual roles as both advisors and colleagues. I have relished those relationships for a number of reasons. Working alongside extremely talented and experienced attorneys in their areas of expertise has been hugely beneficial for someone who is learning about the practice of law. And when trust between clinical professors and a student grows, opportunities for student contribution grow too. This trust can lead to a myriad of wonderful opportunities to appear in court, write briefs and motions, meet with clients, develop legal strategies and more.

Regarding non-clinical faculty, I have always found them very supportive and willing to help their students in any way they can. I have met with professors for help on classroom topics, tips on law school survival, and even for career advice. I think it’s possible for every student at Loyola to develop meaningful relationships with their professors. While developing those relationships requires some proactivity on the student’s part, I have no doubt any student who reaches out to a professor will not be disappointed by the response.

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