Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Building Relationships with Faculty

Henry Adams once said, “Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops.” In my opinion, I think there is no truer statement to describe the professors and staff at Loyola. Whether it is in the classroom enthusiastically teaching, or in office hours patiently explaining concepts, or in emails and conversations discussing where we are in our academic and professional timelines, the faculty and staff here are some of the most patient, understanding, and helpful. I know, I know, it must seem like an exaggerated… but it’s so true! I’ve witnessed and experienced it myself!

Here at Loyola, professors have an open door policy, which means anyone can come to their office hours whether it’s to get clarification on that hypothetical question that was gone over in class, seek life or career advice, or even just to chat about what’s going on in the world or in one’s life. By doing this, they make us feel welcome and comfortable. And if students can’t make it to office hours because of other time commitments, professors are readily accessible via email. Because I have a pretty lengthy commute, I too am often unable to stay for office hours, so I have definitely taken advantage of the email policy that most of my professors have.

Beyond the scope of lectures, readings, and exams, professors have also extended their hand to students when it comes to giving career advice and even connecting present students to legal professionals in an attempt to help secure that coveted summer job. Loyola’s professors really go above and beyond to make sure that students thrive in their interests, passions, and dreams.

Lastly, Loyola’s professors inspire. The faculty is so diverse experience-wise, that every day, every lecture, and every conversation holds an opportunity to be inspired, influenced, and encouraged. Through their words, they encourage us not just to be better students but also bigger dreamers. And honestly, that’s one of the things I appreciate most about Loyola’s faculty and staff. They’re not just here to teach us so we can boost the school’s bar passage rate. Rather, they’re here to lend their experiences, stories, and wisdom to make sure we succeed on the bar but also in our aspirations and careers.

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