Friday, January 26, 2018

My Winter Break

My exams for first semester did not necessarily go as planned. However, in a way, I knew that they wouldn’t and, as a result, accepted early on that the first semester of law school would be my way to learn what methods of studying work best for me through trial and error. Unfortunately, my exam preparation involved a lot of error. I spent way too much time studying for one midterm, when another final really could’ve used my attention more simply because there was more information. I also wish I would’ve started earlier, but getting started on Thanksgiving break was tough. In any event, these are certainly lessons that I will take with me into next semester. Adjusting to law school is difficult because exam styles are so different from the exams I saw in undergrad, but I feel like I was warned many times that this would happen and, ultimately, I’d still be okay in the long run.

Once break started, though, I totally wasn’t expecting to miss school…. And I did. I did some fun things with friends and family, took some time to relax, and then I was ready to get back to the grind pretty early on. It’s funny -- it’s almost like I went from eating, sleeping, and breathing coursework and being upset about it, but then not knowing what to do with myself once I didn’t have that to occupy my time. It’s been an interesting experience, for sure, but I’m excited to see what semester two of my first year has in store.

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