Friday, December 15, 2017

A Day in the Life of a 3L Law Student

My typical law school day begins around 7am when my wife and three-year-old daughter get up to start their day. My classes don’t start until later, but I’ve got to help the others get out the door on time since my wife drops my daughter off to preschool on her way to work. After they’ve gone, I usually start reading for my first class if I hadn’t already done so. This typically takes about an hour or so. Once I’m all read up and showered, I head off to campus.

Once on campus, I go to class, eat lunch (preferably at some sort of panel or event, but certainly not every day) and do some more reading and studying. After classes are done for the day, I typically go home or stick around campus for an hour or two of work, depending on what’s due. Because I tend to front-load the first part of the day with reading/studying, I am freer in the later part of the day. In the late afternoon, I typically go to the gym or the store or do whatever “life thing” needs to be done. Around 6:30 pm, everyone is back home and it’s time to hang with the family. I’ll typically cook dinner, play games with my daughter, give her a bath and get her ready for bed. Once my daughter falls asleep, my wife and I hang out and chat or watch TV together until we hit the hay around 11:30 pm.

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