Monday, November 20, 2017

Fall Semester Update

This week is the tenth of my law school career and I honestly do not know where the semester has gone. Midterms have come and gone, coffees have been consumed, and five packs of highlighters have been depleted.

So far I have not received any of my midterm scores (probably why I feel so carefree), but first-year day students have received our first writing assignment scores. I was pleasantly surprised by my score and have to give credit to Professor Riordan, who was not only very accommodating of all of my section’s questions, but was also very clear on what was expected. That is one of the things that I enjoy most about law school: the professors are ABUNDANTLY clear about what is necessary for each assignment. In my opinion, the more straightforward, the better, and my professors are very straightforward.

Overall, law school has been what I expected: it is a lot of time and work. You cannot coast through law school, and if someone has told you that you can, they are lying or didn’t coast as well as they say they did. But honestly, the work is completely worth it when a professor gives you positive feedback and acknowledges the effort that you have put in, or when you are rewarded with a good grade.

By far the most surprising thing about law school has been the fact that I still have a life! I like to complain to my friends and family that I do not, but that is only because in comparison to the life I had before, I definitely have less time. Instead of watching multiple Netflix episodes a day, I normally can only watch one, and I often find myself ordering-in food rather than going-out to eat so that I can eat and study at the same time. Little things have changed, but I still have a relatively similar life to the one I had before school started. I will let you know if that changes in five weeks, aka the beginning of reading week.

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