Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Debunk A Law School Myth

In some ways, I am glad I read a book about transitioning into the law school lifestyle before I started as a 1L. In other ways, not so much. The book I read was dedicated to preparing incoming students for the massive life change they were about to experience. It detailed all the ways that law school life was going to be different than your old life: the way you study, the way you socialize, the amount you sleep. One thing was abundantly clear throughout the book – being a law student will probably damage your personal relationships. I have not found that to be true at all.

Sure, there may be some adjustments to a new social life when entering law school. You may have less time for your old friends, family. But the idea that this will actually damage your personal, intimate relationships is much exaggerated. I told my wife to be aware for this impending storm as I began law school. Truth is, the storm never came. Law school does not require 18 hours of your day. If you plan your days reasonably well, you will have free time to spend with loved ones. And as with any new commitment, like a new job or a move out of town, you might see some relationships lose their former luster after a while. But law school isn’t really the insidious cause of this; these changes are the result of the natural and regular transitions we go through when we attempt big things.

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