Monday, October 23, 2017

The Summer of Food

My life belongs to food.

Okay, that is (a bit) dramatic, but I will admit that food is one of my constant priorities (and I am sure a lot of you reading can say the same)! For that reason, my summer before 1L can be classified as the “Summer of Food.” I visited Austin, TX, Grant’s Pass, OR, Cabo San Lucas, Las Vegas, NV, and several cities up and down CA, but I consider it visiting brisket, tacos, farmer’s markets, fresh seafood, and some of the best brunch food in the world!

I really made it a point to spend these meals with my family and friends. I am from the Sacramento area, so while moving to LA meant amazing food and a stellar law school, it also meant leaving some of the most important people in my life (even more important than food) up north. I spent happy hours with my mom after work, ate car show vendor food with my dad, enjoyed some of the best Vegas restaurants for my Aunt’s wedding, and visited my undergrad city of Santa Barbara for meals next to the ocean with friends.

My life now belongs to Loyola (sorry, food), but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way because I am confident that I used my summer as a time to relax and enjoy time with loved ones while eating some of the best food that even LA can’t provide (I truly don’t know if anything can beat brisket in Texas). Now I am relaxed and ready for the demands of 1L, but more importantly (kidding, kind of), all of the food that Los Angeles has to offer!

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