Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Introduction - Steve Riley

Hi Jury of Peers readers! My name is Steve and I am a 3L at Loyola Law School. This is my third year contributing to this blog, which I am told makes me the first blogger to go 3 for 3!

My pre-law background is in music. I went to college for music, I worked for a few years at a boutique record label right out of college, then I spent about 7 years playing drums professionally – working typically as a recording musician and in musical theater productions. I made the transition to law school after my daughter was born and I began to lose passion for the musician lifestyle. That being said, music and the arts are still extremely important to me. I go to concerts and movies regularly, play guitar every day, and still occasionally work freelance music jobs.

My law school experience for the past two years and a few months has been largely a great one. I enjoy the intellectual rigor of being a law student and think it brings out the best in me. I enjoy reading cases, drafting arguments and taking each new step (and there are many) as it comes. I will be graduating in May 2018 and will be expecting my second daughter in late March 2018. I’m sure this will make finals and bar preparation all the more challenging, but I’m sure it will also inspire me to close out my law school career on a high note. Enjoy the blogs! We’ve got a very interesting batch of bloggers this year.