Friday, October 20, 2017

Here We Go Again

Hi all! To the 1Ls out there: Welcome to Loyola and the beginning of your legal career! To those of us returning, we know the drill by now…outlines, readings, and A LOT of coffee. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Holly and I’m currently a 2L who aspires to work in entertainment law. I spent the summer interning at a talent agency in the music department and am continuing my time there this fall in the tv/film department.

For any of you terrified by 1L horror stories, you are going to make it! You are going to make amazing friends, networking connections, and you are about to have one unforgettable year. If I were in your shoes again, here is the advice I would give my 1L self. First, get to know your professors as much as you possibly can. Do not be afraid to go to office hours and if you’re nervous, grab someone to come with you. Second, meet your classmates. It is super easy to let your studies and worries get the most of you during your first year, but don’t forget to make time to get to know the people in your section. I know people have been constantly hammering the importance of “study groups” in your head. Truthfully, everyone learns differently and you should do what is best for you. I personally am usually an independent studier, however, there were a couple of courses that I (thankfully) had a study group for. Either way, get to know your section mates - you will be glad you did.

Third, get involved with organizations on campus. I’m personally on the board of the Immigration Law Society, Business Law Society, and the Entertainment and Sports Law Society - each of these organizations (and many more) have amazing networking opportunities and events on/off campus that you all should come out to! Fourth, look into getting a mentor. Law school can be very intimidating. There’s a lot going on with deadlines, outlines, exams, worrying about externships, etc. Mentors can help ease a little bit of that stress because they’ve been in the exact same spot you are now. Finally, breathe. Taking care of your physical and mental health is the most important thing during school. Find time to destress. Personally, I recommend netflix/hulu.