Thursday, April 20, 2017

Summer 2017

This summer I will be working as a summer associate at the law firm of Littler Mendelson in Century City, CA. They’re an international firm with almost 1300 attorneys that specializes in Labor and Employment Law. They’re currently ranked #1 in that field according to I am extremely excited to begin this chapter of my law school life, which seems to blur the line between a “job” and “education.” Surely there will be much to be learned during the course of the summer, but I have been assured that I will be given plenty of “work” to do as well. Whatever is the balance between work and education, I will do my best to make the most of the experience.

Even though I would like to work as a research assistant this summer, there just won’t be enough time. I have been interested in doing such work, but I’m afraid that it will have to wait until next school year.

Loyola was instrumental in helping me secure a summer associate position with a big law firm. I participated in OCI during the summer which set me up to interview and ultimately get the job offer with Littler. I interviewed with about 20 different firms at OCI (on-campus interviews), and had a few call backs. None of those call backs ended with a job offer, but they did assure me that I was “close enough” to keep pursuing Big Law jobs. Graham Sherr, Loyola’s Assistant Dean for Employer Engagement contacted me shortly after OCI to ask if I wanted to interview with an additional firm, Littler Mendelson. I wasn’t sure that it would work out because I didn’t have any background in employment law, but I put my best foot forward anyway. If it weren’t for Graham thinking of me and having confidence in my ability to get the offer, I would have never interviewed and who knows what my situation would be right now. But luckily for me, Graham did an extremely good job of matching me to an employer who ended up valuing my skills and background enough to offer me the job.

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