Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Summer '17

Actually, a few hours before writing this post, I had just confirmed my summer plans. This summer I will be working as a volunteer law clerk for the Riverside County Public Defender’s Office. I’m really excited to see hands on what attorneys do in the field, and for the ability to put everything that I’ve learned and crammed into my head this past year to use, besides reciting it out on a piece of paper, haha. I’ve mentioned many times in previous posts that after graduating I would love to go into governmental work/public interest, and I can’t wait to be able to experience what my future could potentially hold.

Loyola played a huge part in helping me get my summer job, in that the career development center helps to facilitate many interest/involvement fairs that let you meet future employers, network, as well as schedule interviews, which is how I had gotten this job in the first place. It was so helpful having the career development center, as well as the public interest office be a foundation and support system in finding employment, in that I’m pretty sure I would still be struggling to find a job right now if it wasn’t for them.

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