Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I Love Loyola and So Will You

Valentine’s Day just came and went this week. For those of us who had Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” on blast all day, I say, ‘Good Riddance’ until 2018. Honestly, it really seems like 2017 is flying by, and my first-year classes at Loyola are probably the reason why. This semester, many of my classmates (and myself) are overwhelmed because we are having to balance job searches with classes. I thought last semester was rough, but this semester makes it look like child’s play. Don’t get me wrong; I would not trade a minute of it.

Quite frankly, I am happy at Loyola. There is something about going to law school in downtown Los Angeles. As a kid growing up in rural Alabama, I was always passionate about the entertainment industry. Naturally, like Billy Joel with New York, I was in a Los Angeles “State of Mind.” Side-bar: If you have never heard Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind”, do yourself a favor and listen to it immediately. He’s nicknamed the “Piano Man” for a reason, you guys. Back to our Loyola discussion: The thing I love most about Loyola is the people. Both the faculty and the students here really do, in my opinion, make Loyola an incredibly unique and inspiring place.

I have been very fortunate during my time here to meet some incredibly genuine, smart, and helpful people that I am proud to call “friends.” Whether we are in the library hunting for a study room to prep for Contracts or we are grabbing a quick bite/Diet Coke at Sonia’s after Civ Pro, I know that I can count on them for help with schoolwork or just to help me escape the stress of Memo-writing. The people really do make the experience. As someone who is prone to being introverted when in a new atmosphere, believe me when I say that your law school friends will play such huge roles in your life.

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