Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Networking and Career Development Services Opportunities

One of things I found most helpful during my short time here was the amount of ways I can network and be able to develop my career right from the start. Many student organizations have lunch time speakers and panels, as well as workshops and networking opportunities with guests from various organizations, agencies, and industries coming to speak to students regarding their particular field of work. I’m glad to say that I have attended quite of number of these, due to the interest that I have in various fields such as the public sector, in-house counsel, and the like. Attending these discussions during my break is a great way to learn more about life post-law school, as well as get a free lunch ;)

A lot of the programming put on by the Office of Career Development was especially helpful, most particularly the Public Interest Fair that was hosted at UCLA. I had spent an entire day interviewing with various employers in the government/public sector, which was really convenient since all my interviews were in once place, at one time. I also had the chance to speak with various other organizations and agencies at the fair that had set up booths for students who are interested and looking for more information regarding their area of work. The Career Development office, as well as my counselor, has been extremely helpful in helping me not only find an externship for the summer, but helping me make important decisions regarding my future in law.

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