Thursday, March 9, 2017

Loving the Balance at Loyola Law School

What I love about Loyola is that there is always a balance on display when you’re here. I see people lounging in the sun during the afternoons, talking and laughing. On that same day I will also see people intensely studying in the library, surrounded by books, print-outs and empty coffee cups. I can attend fun Loyola events at bars and clubs which are thrown purely for the fun of it. I can also attend a lecture or panel where the topics could not be more serious. I hear people talking intensely about some litigation issue out of one ear, and here people gossiping about their social life out of the other ear.

There are young people here, older people here, and there doesn’t seem to be a disconnect. There are people from all walks of life all gathered into one place achieving their own goals while helping each other out. People celebrate their diversity here while also enjoying their existence in a place where ethnicity, age, race, social status don’t matter so much.

The environment at Loyola is balanced, equalized and normalized in a way that the outside world wishes itself to be. As someone who is a bit older than average, I sincerely hope that the younger students (and incoming younger students) appreciate this sort of environment as much as I do. There are not many places where intellectual honesty is valued as much as, say, the sort of car you drive or whether you look amazing in your Instagram photo. I think Loyola keeps the older feeling younger, and the younger feeling more mature. We can all learn something valuable from each other, and that is what makes Loyola a great place to be.

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