Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My (Short-lived) Winter Break

Law school exams are no joke. During the course of the reading period, I averaged around 4 hours of sleep each night, and my days were spent forming a love-hate, yet unbreakable bond/relationship with a certain library by the name of William M. Rains. However, all the sleepless, stress-induced nights, fueled by gallons of coffee and supported by the silent heroes of the night (a.k.a. Postmates, Grub Hub, and UberEats) were worth it, having been able to enter all of my exams with some form of mustered up confidence that you can only get by studying your soul away. Having already taken a midterm for my Torts class, I had some sort of expectation regarding exams—by the time I had taken my Property midterm on the second to the last day of the examination period, I had a better grasp on what it takes to survive being tested here at school.

Thankfully, a well-deserved month long winter break awaited me; the first half of my break was spent with family preparing for the Christmas season, attending church services and holiday parties, and visiting with friends that I had not seen since the school year began. As the second half approached, I lounged around my home back in Walnut, appreciating each moment of free time I had through binge-watching Netflix, playing with my dogs, and aimlessly going about my day without any kind of stress or panic in the back of my mind regarding school. However, I did use part of my break to work on my resume and cover letters in preparation for the upcoming job hunt for summer externships, which you should stay tuned for that because it is a work in progress, let me tell you.