Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Study Groups

While I see the value in participating in study groups, it has never been my preferred method of studying.  I find that my study process that either stops and starts frequently, or launches like a rocket and ends only when there’s no more fuel.  In that context, I feel like my study habits aren’t very conducive to group study sessions.  When I’m having trouble focusing, it’s usually due to other projects or assignments crowding their way into my headspace.  When that happens, I find it best to disengage from what I initially began studying to address the other matter.  That doesn’t go over so well in a group environment.  And when my focus is clear and laser-like, my thought process is best left unexplained.  At that point I just “follow the muse” and do not question my progress until hours later.  In those moments, I probably won’t speak a word to anyone for the entire duration of the study session; conversing only seems to throw me off what I’m doing. 

That being said, I find that it is helpful to bounce my ideas off peers.  I’ll often have a chat window open and exchange ideas and best practices with my peers if we’re working on the same things.  That can be a huge time saver, and it also serves as a valuable echo-chamber where you can hear if your ideas are great, or need serious work.  But I think whether or not you’re studying in a group, it’s important to have a keen focus on your current task.  If a group helps facilitate that focus, then that’s great.  If not, there’s no harm in going it alone. 

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