Thursday, December 8, 2016

Last Fall Finals -- Ever!

One of the challenges you may face in law school is figuring out what study method works best you. Do you prefer flash cards? Do you prefer a group setting? Do you learn better alone?

I used to worry about how other people study. I learned quickly commercial outlines didn’t work for me, neither did study groups. I know that I learn best alone. During exam season it’s just me, my textbooks, lecture notes, markers, highlighters, giant post its and my coffee. I prioritize my studying based on the order of my finals, and comfort with the course. I am a visual learner. As I review the material, I take handwritten notes in an outline form. After I’ve finished, I have to see how everything connects. I like using big poster sized post-its. I simplify concepts and write rules and exceptions. Visually seeing how everything connects, in addition to rewriting the rules and exceptions, helps me memorize and understand the law.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I usually reconnect with my classmates after I’ve done most of the heavy lifting for exam season. However, exam season is draining and can induce anxiety. I check in with my Loyola friends throughout exam season, we motivate each other and lean on one another when needed. Here at Loyola, I think most people do study in groups. We have private rooms in the library and when I pass them around this time of year, they are usually filled with groups of three or four. In fact, study groups usually form early on and people stick with their groups throughout the school year. After finals are done, we come together and usually celebrate at LA Live.

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