Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Before you read any further, YES, there IS more to a law student than just school. (Even though law school takes up the majority of your time and energy.)

…BUT, with the remainder of whatever else that is left of me that I have yet to give up to my studies, I surprisingly do have interests and a life outside of that sphere, most of which are the complete opposite of academia.

I came straight to Loyola Law from undergrad, where I was involved in my sorority, and held various executive board positions. Most of my free time in undergrad was dedicated to either school, spending time with my sisters/friends, playing volleyball for the club team on campus, or spending time singing in a Christian rock band with friends from back home. I also spent a lot of time with my family and two adorable dogs, as well as exercising my claim as an avid Star Wars fanatic. 

Whenever I manage to break free from the tight grasp that is my 1L year, I try to spend as much time with these various activities as possible. I do as much as I can to retain the side of me that isn’t just a “future lawyer”, because I know that there’s more to life than just “the law” (even though it doesn’t really seem that way right now from my perspective). Don’t get me wrong—I love Loyola, and I love being a law student—but it’s nice having another world outside of the demands that school imposes. For now, it’s reading, case briefing, outlining first, everything else, later.

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