Thursday, April 21, 2016

Summer Plans

For this summer, I plan on going to Rome and never coming back…ok so that’s not happening. I actually plan on externing during the summer. For whom though, I am not yet entirely sure. I’ve sent applications out to the LA District Attorney, the Orange County Public Defender, and the LA Superior Courts. I have an interview with the OCPD next week (I’m writing this on March 15[beware the Ides].). I’m still waiting to hear back regarding the other two. I might take summer classes, but that depends on the work load of the job I ultimately end up with. Preferably, I want to either take California Civil Procedure or Evidence (sounds fun I know). Once again, Loyola has been incredibly helpful regarding informing me about the courses of action I can take during summer. I often get emails about available externships or summer courses. Every single one of these externships I applied for and classes I’m thinking about were conveyed by Loyola. Will I have time for fun? NOPE!!!

Ok kidding again. Will I have all the time in for world for fun? That’s a definitely no. Will I have time for some fun? Sure. Disclaimer: I’m a nerd. I’m sure I’ll still have time to read kung fu novels. I’m sure I’ll still have time to play short games in NBA 2k16. I’m sure I can still watch the Boston Celtics sweep the 74-8 Warriors in the NBA finals (ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Sure I won’t nearly have the freedom of past summers, but it’s a worthy trade off as I inch closer and closer to a full time professional career (get back to me in 3 years when my hair is completely gray and maybe my tune will be different).

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