Thursday, April 14, 2016

Over-Prepare, then Stay Humble

Since my last blog post, I secured a summer externship with the Honorable Judge Fruin! This week, I’m registering for a summer class (either Ethics, Evidence or Appellate Advocacy). Last week, I mailed out two dozen applications for Federal externships this fall. Overworking myself? Probably.

Nevertheless, I know that any worthwhile goal requires sacrifice. Thus, I feel anxious, excited, bold and timid. But mostly happy. I’m doing things I believe in and reaping the rewards. Only a minority of people enjoy their work. That includes me.

I have advice for you. As usual, it’s also advice to myself. I recommend completing applications/assignments days before submitting them. For example, students apply for summer externships as early as Dec. 1st. So a judge received my application on Dec 3rd, but had finished all his hiring by Dec 2nd!

Don’t wait. Have work done well before the deadline. Especially because things take longer than expected. Remember, it’s always better to over-achieve than under-achieve. Poor decisions only impart temporary gratification. Good decisions last forever.

You can’t change the laws of statistics! But you can change how many times you avail yourself of the probabilities. Create opportunities. Send Thank You notes. Over-prepare, then stay humble.

Meditate on this question: “what’s the best thing I can do right now in my life?” Be idealistic and practical. Remember efficiency isn’t effectiveness. Consider your short-term pleasure and long-term happiness. Listen to your conscience. Plan concrete steps. Do them dutifully. When delaying gratification, it earns interest.[1]

[1] What rate of return does our delayed gratification earn? It varies. Hope that yours exceeds the Fed Funds rate.

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