Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Season of Change: To be continued...

There’s something alluring about working for the District Attorney’s office. I’m not sure if it is the opportunity to work on the cases, the courtroom experience, or professional relationships fostered. Either way, I will be rolling up my sleeves and returning for a second summer in the Victim Impact Unit. I spent last summer working on intimate partner violence and child molestation cases. My tasks ranged from transcribing 911 calls to preparing a motion for a murder trial. Every task presented was an opportunity to impact a case. I felt very connected to my work, proud to be apart of a team, and honored to shield victims.

Law school engrained confidence in my own intuition and capabilities. As I prepare to enter Summer 2016, I am considering applying to business schools. I love learning about the law but would like to pursue a masters in business administration. While in law school I discovered an interest in learning more about business. I cannot ignore the curiosity that is constantly nudging me to take the next step. I am nervous, I am worried about debt, but I am confident I will make the right decision.

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