Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Networking Opportunities

Everyone has a lot to say about law school—how it’s going to be tough so you need to manage your time well and study early, hard, and often. Another piece of advice I’ve heard is to “network, network, network.” Most students find their post-graduate jobs because they know someone who knows someone who has a job available. Luckily, Loyola has an endless amount of opportunities for students to network with professors, alumni, and professionals. Student organizations often have panels and guest speakers come to talk about their experiences in the legal world. These events create the perfect environment for networking, as students can talk to the guest speakers and exchange information. Clubs also hold networking mixers. In fact, I just attended a mixer for Business Law Society and we had an array of business and tax professionals and professors.

In my opinion, the best thing to do is find the area of law you’re interested in, join that specific club on campus, and attend all of the events the club puts on to increase your chances of meeting people who you can connect with. Another great option is to attend Loyola’s networking events. I remember going to an event last year called speed networking, where the students had 8-minute meetings with attorneys, so they were able to meet about 7 different people throughout the hour. That event was a great way to improve networking skills, which play an important role in the search for summer and post-graduate employment.

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