Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Networking Opportunities

Networking is going to be crucial here in law school. For me, it landed me my first judicial externship. If this scares you because you’re not a great networker, join the club. Networking scares most people. For law students it can sometimes seem intimidating talking to such successful individuals, whether they are lawyers or judges, etc. A classic piece of advice is to just be yourself and have some personality! Talking to them doesn’t have to be so boring. You can crack jokes (appropriately of course), and ask unique questions, and smile and laugh. I think these small things are highly noticed on their end, and much more memorable than talking to a robot.

There will also be panel discussions and guest speaker lectures that can give you an opportunity to network. A memorable panel discussion that I went to at the very beginning of first semester was an entertainment law panel discussion. This was when I was interested in practicing entertainment law. It was helpful because it simply taught me more about the field that I thought I wanted to go into. However, after speaking with various entertainment lawyers and even a couple judges, I realized that it probably isn’t the field I want to go into. But, I would not have figured this out so soon if I didn’t attend panels, network, and talk to people.

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