Thursday, March 17, 2016

More Than a Legal Education: The Loyola Experience

I remember touring law schools before the start of 1L year. I paid close attention to the facial expressions of the current students leaving classrooms, shuffling around campus, and exiting the library. I wanted to know what the campus was really like, what I would be immersed in. I knew I wanted to go to a law school that not only provided excellent opportunities, but one where students were genuinely enjoying their experience. Two years into this journey, I am so glad I came here.

I love the friendships, professors, opportunities, alumni, student organizations, and of course Turf Club. I also surprisingly like our library, you would think I hate by now haha, but I don’t. The staff is very friendly and always willing to help. So when I think about what I really love about Loyola, I think about what makes me really happy here.

The simple answer is the people. Professor Dan Martin has a tradition of making fresh cookies at the start of every semester, available to all students. He is a research professor and is one of the sweetest people you will meet on campus. Professor Martin is just one of many professors that go above and beyond for students. Some professors give out their personal cell phone numbers, others forward externship opportunities, and others excitedly engage with you when discussing a topic after class hours. The enthusiasm of the professors makes learning such dense material entertaining and enjoyable. Oh, and a little less intimidating.

The Loyola alumni are actively involved with students. My alumni mentor has been an invaluable resource to me. I recently participated in Spring mock interviews where I learned valuable tips on making a lasting impression. I like the close feel of our community. It is easy to see why alumni come back to mentor students and why professors are genuinely happy to teach. We spend so much time here, it ends up becoming some what of a second home.

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