Thursday, March 3, 2016

Loyola Experiences

One of the best things about Loyola is that the school has so much to offer to its students, from various clinics to externships to clubs for every area of law (we have a wine law society so I’m not kidding when I say every area of law). I got to extern last semester at the US Attorney’s Office in the Tax Division after applying through the school’s job site, Symplicity. Everyone gets scared by the word “tax,” but the externship combined property, evidence, civil procedure, and bankruptcy, along with a little bit of tax law. The experience was definitely different than what I had imagined, but it showed me different areas of law I had never been exposed to previously. The externship also allowed me to observe the life of a government lawyer and compare and contrast it with what I had witnessed working at a private firm. My time at the US Attorney’s Office also taught me that research is such an important part of being a lawyer; thus, getting an opportunity to strengthen my research skills was invaluable.

The faculty and LLS alumni were a huge part of why I chose to attend Loyola. The entire staff here is so helpful—you often hear stories of professors helping students find jobs or calling firms to endorse students for a position. I also had met and talked to several Loyola alumni who all truly enjoyed their time at law school. It’s amazing to talk to graduates who still have close relationships with their professors from Loyola. I think it’s a testament to the close-knit community on campus and it makes me appreciate all of the people I’ve met and became friends with thus far in my law school career.

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