Thursday, March 10, 2016

Externships, Clinics, Etc.

I think most students would agree with me that second semester of 1L year is a lot harder and a lot easier at the same time than first semester. By the time second semester comes around you have a better understanding of what’s expected of you, and since you’ve learned what should and shouldn’t be done from first semester, you can now tailor your study habits to be more successful. A huge stress factor that comes along with second semester is the pressure of finding a summer job. This really stressed me out for quite a bit. Not only was I worried that I wouldn’t get hired, but I was worried about my application materials being flawless. After all, this takes time, and with six different classes and a major writing assignment in progress, I just didn’t have time. The second orientation came around and it focused a lot on networking. Networking is scary, but unlike most it has never been too great of a fear of mine. During a networking mixer with judges, lawyers, and other successful Loyola alumni, I began talking to a particular judge and we really hit it off! We had an awesome, genuine conversation. After following up with her some days later, I sent her over my resume and she was so pleased with it that she offered me an externship over the summer in her chambers. So, because I got this so early in the second semester, I actually did not have to apply to anything at all. This saved me tons of valuable time to put towards my studies.

A major part of what I think is great about Loyola are the down-to-earth students and faculty. This may sound trivial, but I was initially worried about people judging me for my, “too laid back and casual” demeanor and dress. Coming from an athletic background, and being the only girl in my family, I tend to wear a lot of casual clothes. I was told before law school started that, at some law schools, students dress business casual even to class. So, I thought Loyola would be one of those schools. However, to my surprise, people are very relaxed here and I don’t feel like such an outsider when I wear my hoodie, jeans and sneakers. The faculty members are also very down-to-earth and are more than willing to talk to you about things other than law.

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