Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Externships, Clinics, Etc.

There are many things to love about Loyola: the faculty, the blend of personalities, etc. One particular great aspect is how much the school offers and reminds students of opportunities for practical experiences. So often do we get emails (I’m not being sarcastic I promise) about a wide range of externship or clinical opportunities ranging from judicial externships to immigration clinics. Many of my classmates have already secured summer positions. They range from federal district court externs to LA DA extern positions. I’m personally waiting on hearing back from the Los Angeles District Attorney Consumer Division and the Superior Courts. What is great is that it was because of Loyola that I even knew to apply for these spots in the first place. The former was posted through our Job Search system while the latter was due to a panel that talked about the perks of becoming an extern for the state courts.

What’s also pretty awesome is how the elective courses allow us to explore our respective interests. Most of our courses are predetermined, but 1Ls get to choose an introductory elective course that allows us to get a foot in to the area that we are interested in. Plenty of my friends are taking Innovation (basically IP) while I think one fifth of my section is taking Immigration Law. I’m personally taking Intro to Admin Law. As someone who wants to ultimately work in the government sector, Admin Law is quite informative despite the difficult readings. Furthermore, the professor is great. My Admin professor teaches my section’s yearlong Property class along with this current Admin class. Snarky and brilliant, it’s been great. Unfortunately for him, his football club Chelsea just lost in the Champion’s league. Oh well, I’m sure he’ll be fine.

All in all, it’s been a great start of the semester. However, I have this graded memo that I have to return to now. Please don’t judge if you hear me cry in the library (I’m probably 40% kidding right now, maybe 20% kidding by tomorrow).

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