Thursday, February 25, 2016

This Life, in LA

Most of my days start at 9 o’clock. I brew half a pot of coffee, and start my workout: three hours of reading and thinking. By 1 o’clock, I’m at school.

Rent eats most of my money, but it’s a great investment. Living alone doubled my efficiency. Plus, I reject wi-fi, TV, and traffic, so I waste little time. I even avoid cooking to skip washing dishes. While driving, I listen to educational podcasts (viz. Hardcore History, Common Sense, and The Investor’s Podcast). While walking on the treadmill, I read. I try to improve myself emotionally and intellectually, everyday.

Law school eats most of my time, but it’s a great investment. At orientation, Dean Hayden said that law school bestows power, and thus responsibility. I completely agree. Learning the rules of society will help me fulfill my ultimate responsibility: repaying my blessings with interest. I’ve decided to become phenomenally rich, to spend my money improving society.

My average day ends at midnight. I go to my balcony and start writing: philosophy and poetry, which I’ll publish some day. But for now, I’m still on my first draft.

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