Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Slow But Steady

This semester my classes are in the afternoon. My typical day begins with cooking breakfast and making a fresh coffee. I eat as I listen to podcasts. I like beginning my days at a slow pace. There is a calmness in mornings I appreciate. Maybe it is the silence of my thoughts, or maybe it’s because I haven’t faced my work just yet.

Once breakfast is finished, I open my books. I use this time to go over notes, finish up any reading I have left, or begin the next days reading. I take my time with the material and usually leave my apartment thirty minutes before class. After classes finish, I either head to my apartment or the library to continue my studies.

I keep up hobbies and interests outside of the law. Specifically, I have been working on product development with one of my mentors. I like creating, building, and designing. I have been working on a new beauty product since August 2015. Right now we have just completed the technical drawing. The next phases scare me, but the entire process is exciting. I have learned valuable business lessons. In addition to entrepreneurship ventures, I enjoy participating in volunteer programs. This Valentines Day I will be waking up to make “love bags” and sandwiches. We will then pass them out to the homeless community in downtown Los Angeles.

If you are interested in participating, the event will take place February 13. For information, contact me at Stephanie.Perez1@lls.edu.

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