Friday, February 19, 2016

Daily Schedule

Here is a slice of life during the law school strife. I wake up at 6 a.m. (there are day sections and afternoon sections, I got day….obviously). I shower (hooray hygiene) and then do my hair. Under no circumstances, will I not do my hair. I begrudgingly stomp downstairs and retrieve my coffee (located inside my beautiful Boston Celtics travel mug). I live in Redondo Beach, so my commute takes an hour in the morning. That sounds bad, but I get out early and often take only twenty minutes to get home. Most of my classes start around 8 a.m., so I’m usually in class by the time I get to school. Classes are great. My professors are hilarious, so class seems to fly by. The following is an actual interaction in class today:

Professor: What town is this again?

Me:…..uh…..Los Angeles?

Professors looks at me stupefied.

Me: OHHHHHHHHHHHH, you mean in the case. My bad.

After class, I either immediately go home to avoid traffic or have lunch with my friends. If there is a long gap before my next class, we might go to the library and work on homework together. I know it sounds bad, a constant cycle of classes and reading, but it’s honestly not that bad when everyone is in the same boat. When I get home, I either do the next day’s reading or just rest or relax if it was a long day. Yes, relaxing is still a possibility in law school. As I am writing this, the Warriors are destroying the Spurs. Seriously, the Spurs have so many turnovers right now that I think at one point the ball flew out of the screen and into my hands. My favorite hobbies are reading and playing video games, but honestly it is quite difficult to keep up with that when you are so busy reading cases and have no time to invest in a novel or story oriented video game. But hey, this is the start of my professional life so some sacrifices has to be made. I’m still watching sports and playing “dumber” video games though so keeping up with hobbies is still possible. Honestly, I’m the type that goes nuts when I have too many options to choose from during the break (I get bored without work), so school is quite welcome when it is not too burdensome.

School is not everything though, despite how important grades are. Family and friends provide a nice balance. I will have a family dinner this Saturday, and Lunar New Year’s (commonly known as Chinese New Years) is coming up soon. I am definitely looking forward to indulging myself in a plethora of rice and meat. In the meantime, time to go to bed, with the alarm set to 6 a.m.

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