Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Day In My Shoes

This semester, my daily routine has been pretty consistent, since I come to school Monday through Thursday. I usually try to get the majority of my reading for the week done on the weekends, so each day, I wake up and review a little as I eat breakfast to remind myself of the materials for class that day. I’m taking four classes this semester—Ethical Lawyering, Constitutional Law, Trusts & Wills, and Cyber and Intellectual Property Crimes—plus law review. I have two classes every day, except for Wednesday, which then gives me ample time to attend to law review duties and to my own personal errands.

Having three-day weekends every single week is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I get an extra day off each week which means an extra day to catch up on school work or, more likely, to catch up on sleep. Because of my undergraduate career, and now the second year of law school, I’ve become accustomed to having three-day weekends. This is where the curse fits in, as the real world, especially the legal world, does not have three-day weekends every week. But I guess I might as well enjoy the extra time while I can.

This schedule also allows me time to see my family and friends on the weekend and still have time to do some homework. The balance between school and my personal life is not too difficult for me to maintain but it comes from years of learning time-management skills. The best way I get work done is when I know I have something fun to do later on, so usually I’ll spend a few hours reading and then go out to dinner with my family or meet some friends. Setting little rewards for yourself will help you get your work done and allow you to enjoy your weekends at the same time!

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