Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter Break

The exam period was the most pleasurable experience of law school. *insert pause. Alright they weren’t really the best. In fact, they were quite brutal. It wasn’t the absolute worst though. For our first year, there are two yearlong classes and two semester long classes. The semester classes had finals, but the yearlong classes had midterms. The midterms were shorter and worth only around 25% of our grade, so it took some pressure off of the exam period. Luckily, my finals were in my favorite subjects (Criminal Law and Torts [sorry property and contracts I still like you guys]), so finals were still manageable despite the toughness.

Winter break was pretty amazing. The only thing related to law that I did were summer judicial externships applications. Judges started accepting summer applications December 1st, so before finals or right after finals were the main period of applications. Applications are accepted on rolling basis, so they are often sent even before we get our official transcripts by the end of January. Transcripts can be sent in later once we received our grades. Although daunting at first, the externship department was a tremendous resource that helped guide me through the whole process.

Although I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary over winter break, it was definitely a welcome respite from the first semester of law school. I caught up with many friends who I didn’t get to hang out with during the semester. Like most people, I watched Star Wars. Although I’m not a hardcore Star Wars fan, it was still an enjoyable experience. Sorry if a bigger nerdout was expected. Christmas dinners were great. I did a White Elephant exchange with my friends, and I got an adorable glittery blue unicorn. I then did a Secret Santa exchange with my family, and got the Mistborn Trilogy of fantasy books. I made it my goal to finish by finals, and I sure did. Reading the final 500 pages in an 8 hour sitting the night before spring orientation left my hand cramped but myself so satisfied. Once again, another fantasy world extinguished and reality reentered. This semester, it is time to take on the elective Administrative Law (which is taught by my amazing Property teacher) and Civil Procedure. Welp, time to get back to the grind.

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