Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Winter Break

After long hours spent in the library studying for finals, I was very happy to go home and spend time with my family. Winter break always seems to fly by because of the holidays, but I enjoy the vacation nonetheless. Most of my break was spent sleeping and watching TV, as I’ve reached that age where my friends are all working and don’t get three weeks off to come home. I did get to catch up with a couple friends who flew into LA for Christmas though and it was nice to see old faces.

The best part of winter break by far is having my parents cook for me. I love all Persian food, but so many recipes require time that a law student like myself does not have. But my parents have mastered the art of cooking Persian dishes, so every dinner was like a little treat for me. I also got to spend quality time with my older sister (mostly at the mall) whenever she wasn’t working. I’m very close with my family, so I love hanging out with them—our family dinners basically consist of me competing with my dad to get the most laughs (I usually win :-)).

For me, winter break is a time to recharge—I definitely enjoyed the chance to turn my brain off and somewhat forget about school. However, like all good things, winter break had to end. So let the countdown to spring break begin!

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